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The surf on the east coast has been soooooooooo gooooood?

October 12, 2017 Julia   Sup support,  September has been the best served on the East Coast of North America in over 15 years. Supdudeyoga has been surfing  and paddle boarding  and teaching lots of  intro to supdudeyoga surfing.  Water has been really warm  in our storm surf  surfboards apparel boards are back in stock and ready to ship. [...]

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Supdudeyoga surfboard rentals Halifax is ready for you...

Sept 11, 2017 Supdudeyoga surf school and rentals Halifax is your best surfboard, wetsuit rental shop we offer free surf racks and full day rentals for on $39 for full day. Supdudeyoga has mens and womens and junior wetsuits, boots and gloves no need to go to Lawrencetown if the moose is good sae the gas and [...]

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Supdudeyoga franchise news...

September 7, 2017 Sup Support  Do  all massage therapy company  for physio clinic  Supdudeyoga franchise  is a perfect complement to your customers. Want make more money and be your own boss Supdudeyoga franchise is for you.  We supply training location deal, social media, marketing and more.Do you -Like paddle boarding  and yoga- Social person that likes the outdoors- Looking [...]

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Surf schools for beginners Lawrencetown beach

Julie August 24, 2017Sup Support Here is 5 surfing tips from Supdudeyoga surf schools/rentals Lawrencetownbeach, Nova Scotia.1)When you friend tells you they can teach you it usually never works out and you need skills to teach 2)Surf with pro form Supdudeyoga surf school and learn to surf in 1 hour 3)Be 15 minutes early and ready to have some [...]

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Intro to Supdudeyoga surf camps

Julie August 10, 2017Supududeyoga surf camps Lawrencetown and Martinique beach Nova Scotia Canada.Come learn to surf with pro surfer Lance Moore teaching since 1992.Come learn to surf  for only $39  learning beach   learning beach safety and  secret to standing up, how to read the waves , best time to go surfing.Surfing our Martinique beach, Nova [...]

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Get surf lessons from Supdudeyoga surf camps at Lawrenctown beach

August 8, 2017 Julie Guess what Supdudeyoga surf camps and rentals now have a intro to Supdudeyoga surf camps now reg$75 now limited time $38.Come take a lesson from pro surfer Lance Moore and his great team. Learn to surf at Lawrencetown beach Halifax.Your friends my say they can take you but we are the best surf [...]

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Get lessons with SupDudeYoga

August 3, 2017get lessons from SupDudeYoga surf school and get the best tips that Lance Moore used to be a pro. walk into Lawrence Town Grocery or book online to get lessons and learn from the best. Rent a board or wet suit for the day, cheap prices and good service! Learn tips you never [...]

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Come surf in the one of the best surf spots in Canada with the best surf shop in the area

august 3, 2017If you’re going to come to Halifax, why not do one of its biggest attractions and surf! Come surf with SupDudeYoga to get the best experience, tips, skills, and training. Rent a board or a suit! Sign up for lessons on our website. Walk into Lawrence Town Grocery and learn to surf today.Call us 1 [...]

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Adult surf schools review for Nova Scotia ....

August 1,2017Julie Hello,Supdudeyoga surf camps have been very busy this summer as Canadas first east coast pro Lance Moore reopens surf school teaching to over 10,000 surf lessons.Supdudeyoga surf school Lawrencetown beach is the best.Adult love to learn to surf and we can help your family.Supdudeyoga surf school free tips-friends can say they will help you [...]

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Rentals at SupDudeYoga surf school

August 1, 2017Come rent surf boards from the best surf shop in Lawrencetown beach Nova Scotia Rating number one surf camp since 1992 Kids can take intro to Surfing and safety from team Canada surfing team member Lance MooreAdult surf camps want to get better come to Supdudeyoga surf school Lawrencetown beac park.Learn advanced surfing skills like -how [...]

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