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How to put your paddle board on roof of your car

Paddle boards should be transported safely on cars otherwise they can act like wings on the roof of the car and make it dangerous to drive the car. One can simply carry the paddle board on the roof of the car but a better option would be to put the paddle board in a paddleboard bag and strap it to the roof of the car. Putting in a bag can prevent the board or the roof of the car from being scratched or damaged.



One should also place the paddle board flat on the roof with the fins up and they should not be standing on one side as that would make them act like a sail on the car roof making it impossible to drive. There are roof racks especially designed for paddle boards that have enough padding to protect the board from scratches and dents. Some even have lock and key so that the board can be left on roof without fear of being stolen.

One can also use nose and tail lines in the roof to prevent lifting motion and ensure that the board is stable. One should also not leave the board all the time with the car as the hot weather can damage paddle boards, especially those made of fiberglass. Putting a paddle board on roof a car is not a difficult task but it should be safely kept to prevent damage and driving problem.



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